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Elevate Your Bedroom with Modern Wooden Bed Designs from housliving

Make your bedroom an oasis of comfort and style with housliving's extensive collection of contemporary bed designs in India. Our range includes beautiful king-size beds, space-efficient queen-size beds with storage options, and more at competitive prices.

Crafted from only premium solid wood, our beds offer durability and long-term elegance in your interiors. Whether your preference lies with traditional wooden beds or contemporary engineered wood and metal designs - we have something to fit everyone. Make the most of your space with one of our many bed frames available online in India at unbeatably affordable prices.

Your bed is more than furniture; it's your sanctuary of relaxation and renewal. By investing in a premium-quality mattress, you are investing in your well-being. Finding the ideal designer storage bed can make for a restful sleeping experience; our user-friendly website lets you browse our extensive selection of designer storage beds while comparing features and reading customer reviews for an effortless shopping experience online.

housliving goes above and beyond by offering free delivery and installation services, creating an effortless purchasing and setup experience. Discover India's finest-quality bed online while finding style, durability and affordability; embrace comfort and aesthetics with us as you create your ideal bedroom space!



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Choosing the Ideal Bed: Tips for Comfort, Style, and Space

When selecting the ideal bed for your bedroom, making the right choice is essential for ensuring optimal comfort and restful sleep. A bed is not just a piece of furniture; it's a long-term investment that significantly affects your daily well-being. To help you make an informed decision, here are some essential factors to consider while buying the perfect bed, all while considering your budget and personal tastes.

1. Determine Your Bed's Purpose

Before embarking on your bed-buying journey, consider the purpose it will serve. If you're a solo dweller, a single-size bed design may be ideal, whereas a bunk bed or storage bed would be more suitable for accommodating twins or kids. Clarifying the bed's purpose helps narrow down your options.

2. Space-Friendly Solutions

Maximize your bedroom's space by opting for bed designs with built-in storage features. Storage units like pull-out drawers, hydraulic bed units, and box beds are excellent choices for keeping clutter at bay while maintaining an organized oasis.

3. Size Matters

The right bed frame size is pivotal for comfort and space optimization. A king-size bed offers ample room for those craving expansive sleeping quarters, while a queen size is perfect for couples seeking intimacy. Opt for a double bed frame if you're short on space but prioritize comfort.

4. Quality Material for Longevity

Your bed's longevity and durability depend on the materials used. Wooden bed designs like those crafted from Teak wood or poplar ensure sturdiness and endurance. Investing in premium materials guarantees a bed that stands the test of time.

5. Style Harmony

Your bed should seamlessly blend with your bedroom's aesthetic, reflecting your personality and design preferences. Whether you lean towards modern, mid-century, or minimalistic styles, choose a bed design that complements your decor theme.

6. Budget-Friendly Selection

Setting a budget is essential before starting your bed-buying journey. Explore different options and filter based on your price range. Whether looking for an affordable metal frame or a more lavish tufted headboard, staying within your budget ensures a satisfying purchase.

Following these guidelines, you can confidently choose the ideal bed that enhances your sleep quality and complements your bedroom's atmosphere.

Choose From Wide Range Wooden Beds Based on Size

Discover the perfect bed frame with our diverse options to suit your bedroom needs. Our selection includes various sizes and styles, each tailored to enhance your sleeping experience while adding an aesthetic appeal to your space.

Single Bed

Ideal for singles, students, and bachelors, our single-size bed designs offer both comfort and organization. Choose from beds with storage to neatly arrange your belongings. Vibrant colors and patterns make our kid's single beds a delightful addition. Crafted with premium quality, these beds ensure durability and strength.

Double Bed

A popular choice, double beds provide ample space for two people to sleep comfortably. Explore our high-quality wooden beds, featuring intricate craftsmanship and storage options to keep your bedding essentials in order.

King Size Bed

Our king-size beds deliver both style and functionality for joint families and those seeking unparalleled comfort. Deep storage units accommodate all your belongings, including boxes, hydraulic, and pull-out drawers. Enjoy a range of finishes to match your bedroom's aesthetic.

Queen Size Bed

Slightly smaller than king-size beds, queen-size beds are perfect for couples. With enduring style and innovative storage features, they offer both comfort and practicality.

From modern designs to wooden bed options, our range offers the ideal bed for your sanctuary. Explore the world of comfort and style with housliving today.

Choose Your Perfect Bed: Styles and designs for Ultimate Comfort

When designing the perfect bedroom, the bed is one of the most crucial elements, often taking center stage. A bed is not merely a piece of furniture; it's a statement of style, comfort, and functionality. This comprehensive guide delves into a diverse array of bed designs and styles that will captivate your imagination and transform your sleeping space into a haven of elegance and luxury.

1. Poster Beds: Sleeping in Royal Grandeur

A poster bed epitomizes charismatic luxury if you've ever dreamt of feeling like royalty. With four columns that exude elegance, poster beds add a regal touch to your master bedroom. Crafted mainly from wood, these beds combine aesthetics with durability, ensuring longevity that can be passed down through generations. The added advantage of storage spaces seamlessly merges style with practicality. A popular choice in bedrooms nationwide, poster beds create an aura of grandeur that's hard to match.

2. Foldable and Trundle Beds: Maximizing Space, Enhancing style

For those inhabiting smaller living spaces or seeking multifunctional furniture, foldable and trundle beds are ingeniously designed solutions. These beds serve as secret chambers during the day, seamlessly transitioning into cozy sleeping havens at night. Ideal for studio apartments or homes needing versatility, foldable and trundle beds provide a touch of mystique to your living quarters while optimizing space utilization.

3. Bunk Beds: Space-Saving Excellence

Bunk beds emerge as a saving grace in a world where space is at a premium. Whether for children's rooms, rest houses, dormitories, or vacation homes, bunk beds effortlessly accommodate two individuals within the footprint of a single bed. The stacked design is practical and visually appealing, making it a go-to choice for maximizing sleeping arrangements without compromising comfort.

4. Upholstered Beds: A Fusion of Comfort and Aesthetics

Upholstered beds redefine opulence by seamlessly blending luxurious fabric with wooden frames. These beds offer an indulgent experience, perfect for relaxation, watching TV, or reading. Beyond comfort, upholstered beds contribute to the room's aesthetics, adding warmth and coziness through a wide range of colors and patterns. Incorporating storage options further elevates the functionality, making them an exquisite choice for those seeking both beauty and practicality.

5. Metal Beds: A Fusion of Durability and Aesthetics

Modern homes demand a blend of durability and style, and metal beds effortlessly rise to the occasion. These beds are crafted from precision steel tubes and offer quick compatibility, strength, and attractive finishes. Whether inclined towards a minimalist or retro vibe, metal beds cater to various design preferences while ensuring long-lasting elegance.

6. Wooden Bed Frames: Timeless Elegance

For those who cherish tradition and durability, wooden bed frames stand the test of time. A wooden bed frame is robust and can become a cherished heirloom when well-maintained. Its aesthetic versatility, available in various finishes, seamlessly adapts to any decor, be it modern or traditional. From polished designs to natural grains to ornate engravings, wooden bed frames embody timeless elegance that appeals to every generation.


Explore The Collection Of Storage And Non-Storage Beds at housliving

Upgrade your bedroom with housliving's remarkable range of beds that seamlessly blend style and functionality. As India's premier furniture brand, housliving offers an array of affordable luxury wooden beds catering to diverse tastes and needs.

  • Box Storage Bed: Combining beauty and practicality, the box storage bed optimizes space with concealed compartments beneath the mattress. Store linens, pillows, and seasonal items while maintaining an elegant decor. Experience refinement and organization in one exquisite package.
  • Hydraulic Storage Bed: Elevate convenience with the hydraulic storage bed. Its ingeniously engineered mechanism smoothly lifts the mattress, revealing extensive storage. This innovative design ensures clutter-free surroundings, enhancing bedroom organization without compromising on comfort.
  • Drawer Bed Storage: Simplify bedroom organization with the drawer storage bed. Effortlessly store clothing, accessories, and belongings in the built-in drawers. Maintain a tidy, orderly bedroom while enjoying easy access to your possessions.
  • Non-Storage Bed: Embrace simplicity and minimalist style with the non-storage bed. This clean, modern design complements various bedroom styles while promoting an open, personalized decorating approach.

Why Buy Beds And Bedroom Furniture From housliving

In the realm of modern interior design, a bed is not merely a piece of furniture; it's a statement of comfort, style, and personal expression. When elevating your bedroom's aesthetic appeal, housliving is a premier destination for acquiring top-notch beds and bedroom furniture. Here's why choosing housliving is a decision that promises an unmatched blend of quality, variety, and affordability.

Lifetime Promise of Durability 

At housliving, the commitment to longevity is unwavering. Crafted from high-grade materials, the bed frames here testify to enduring quality. These meticulously designed wooden beds offer sturdiness and an everlasting charm built to withstand the test of time.

Freedom of Design Choices 

Shopping for beds at housliving offers a world of creative freedom. Many designs, from traditional to contemporary and modern, await your perusal. The convenience of online browsing coupled with affordable price points ensures that transforming your bedroom is not just accessible but also an enjoyable experience.

Irresistible Offers and Savings 

Hunting for the perfect bed becomes an exciting journey at housliving. With attractive discounts and periodic deals, every purchase becomes a steal. The festive season and sales events present golden opportunities to acquire your dream bed without straining your budget.

Seamless Online Shopping 

Navigating the virtual aisles of housliving is a breeze. Secure payment gateways, hassle-free EMI options, prompt delivery, and round-the-clock customer support ensure a seamless shopping process.

Unyielding Quality Control 

The journey from the forest to the bedroom is meticulous at housliving. Only sustainably sourced wood finds its way into our manufacturing process. Automated precision ensures that every piece of furniture meets the highest standards. Rigorous quality checks ensure that your chosen bed arrives beautiful and flawless.

A Vast Array of Choices 

housliving prides itself on offering an extensive and up-to-date collection of beds and bedroom furniture. Whether you're inclined towards traditional elegance or modern minimalism, you will find a piece that resonates with your taste.

Value Beyond Comparison 

Investing in your bedroom's ambience has never been this rewarding. With housliving's competitive pricing, convenient payment options, and no-cost EMI plans, the dream bed you desire is well within reach.

Exceptional Customer Experience 

housliving's commitment continues after the purchase. Our skilled professionals ensure that your chosen furniture is delivered and installed flawlessly, leaving you with a stress-free experience and a transformed bedroom beyond expectations.

In essence, housliving is not just an online furniture store – it's a partner in creating your dream bedroom. Experience the blend of aesthetic finesse, durability, and affordability only housliving can offer. Redefine your space with the perfect wooden bed that aligns with your style and comfort, all at the click of a button.

Recently Asked Questions From Customers

What is the durability of the bottom ply of your beds and what's the warranty? Our bed's bottom base is crafted from industry-standard MDF and is backed by a 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

Can I personalize the beds according to my preferences? Absolutely, our products are customizable. Available sizes include king (78x72) and queen (78x60).

Do the beds come with a headboard? The presence of a headboard depends on the specific product specifications. When viewing a bed online, refer to the image and specifications provided.

Is the bed assembled upon delivery? No, the bed does not come pre-assembled. However, we offer complimentary assembly services. A skilled carpenter will be dispatched during delivery to assemble the bed at your location.

Can I choose a wood material other than sheesham wood? Certainly, we accommodate special requests for altering the wood material. Options include engineered wood, teak wood, metal, or mango wood, based on availability.

How soon can I expect my bed to be delivered? Efforts are made to expedite delivery, typically taking between 5-7 weeks as a minimum timeframe.

Are there alternative color selections available? Yes, each bed offers a range of color choices. The availability of colors varies.

What are the various bed size options offered? We offer different sizes to suit diverse needs: Single, suitable for small children; Double, comfortably accommodating a single adult; Queen, a spacious choice for couples; and King, the largest option suitable for families.

Which bed material is recommended as the best choice? The selection of bed material depends on personal preferences. Solid wood beds offer a natural and robust aesthetic, while metal beds are lighter and more resilient, resistant to weather-related issues.

What is the typical lifespan of a bed? Beds generally last around 7-10 years on average. However, numerous factors like mattress quality, frame materials, user weight, and sleeping habits can impact the longevity of a bed.