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Decorate Your Living Space with Beautiful Coffee Tables from Housliving

An attractive and functional coffee table can add the finishing touch to your living space, serving as the focal point and leaving an indelible impression on guests. Our collection offers both classic and modern designs to meet everyone's taste.

Select a designer coffee table set to add an eye-catching and sophisticated look to your living room. These sets offer various sizes and styles that allow you to easily personalize the space you have available to you; some even feature space-saving features like nesting tables. Experience natural wood in slim, circular tops for mid-century charm, or embrace contemporary minimalism with sleek metal frames and sharp-edged tops.

Housliving goes beyond coffee tables! Discover an expansive selection of living room furniture, such as sofa sets and TV consoles, designed to match perfectly with the centrepiece you choose. Add an element of class and sophistication to your living space by browsing our premium-quality centre and coffee table selection.

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Tips for Choosing the Perfect Coffee Table For Your Living Space

Finding the ideal coffee table can be tricky, so here are the essential aspects that must be kept in mind when searching.

Functionality and Design

Are You Searching for an Eye-Catching Coffee Table that Will Serve in Your Space? Think carefully about its role within the context of your space before selecting a table to sit on. A coffee table equipped with storage will easily hold books or documents, while in more relaxed areas, it might double up as a footrest.

Shape and Size

Today's online offerings come in an assortment of shapes and sizes. While round and square tables remain popular choices, don't neglect organic shapes, which have seen increased adoption recently. When making your choice, consider the dimensions of your seating area carefully - space-saving shapes may work better in cosy settings. In contrast, more spacious settings could benefit from opting for elegant oval or oblong tables with more generous surface areas.

Height Harmony

When purchasing your coffee table, ensure it ties in perfectly with the height of your couch. An ideal height would be 15 to 20 inches to match standard sofa dimensions.

Material Matters

Wood provides timeless charm; for modern interior designs, try modern materials like acrylic or leather instead. Whichever choice you make should complement its surroundings and complement each other as part of an overall theme.

Budget-Friendly Options

Looking stylish doesn't have to mean extravagant; there are numerous budget-friendly coffee tables online that cater to all styles and budgets. Set a limit and refine your options accordingly.

Shop from a Wide Collection of Coffee Table Designs at Housliving

Are you searching for the ideal coffee table to complete your living room decor? Housliving offers an assortment of tables that cater to different styles and preferences.

Wooden Coffee Tables: If you are seeking timeless elegance and warmth in your living space, wooden coffee tables from our selection are an excellent choice. Crafted with precision to fit into various spaces perfectly. Crafted in various shapes and sizes to suit every need, glass top tables add an air of sophistication that never goes out of fashion! It is a timeless investment for years to come.

Glass Coffee Tables: For an ultra-contemporary and modern aesthetic, our glass coffee tables are an ideal addition. Not only do they exude sophistication, but their spacious appearance also lends them well in smaller rooms. Furthermore, their combination of glass tops with metal bases offers easy maintenance - adding further appeal!

Metal Coffee Tables: Bring modern industrial style into the room with our metal coffee tables. Their sleek frames and minimalist design offer a sophisticated appearance, while sturdy construction ensures long-term usage, and the metallic finish adds an eye-catching glimmer.

Marble Coffee Tables: Make a statement with our luxurious marble top coffee tables. Their sophisticated surface will bring elegance to any living room aesthetic, while their timeless appeal and sturdy construction provide both style and functionality for years of enjoyment.

Engineered Wood Coffee Tables: Built for durability and style, our engineered wood coffee tables are cost-effective without compromising quality. You'll get a timeless style for years of enjoyment from them.

Designer Centre Tables: If you are seeking uniqueness and luxury, our designer coffee tables are an ideal way to achieve it. Crafted from rare materials such as precious metals, marble, glass or wood - each table is created as an individual work of art designed to stand out. Customizable by size, material type and finish specifications - our unique designer coffee tables will elevate any living space with unparalleled craftsmanship and exceptional attention to detail.

Simple Coffee Tables: Sometimes simplicity is key. Our square-cut classic coffee tables blend seamlessly with various furniture styles for casual or office settings and are built to withstand years of enjoyment.

Select Your Ideal Coffee Table by Shape

Housliving provides an expansive collection of coffee tables designed to elevate the aesthetics of your living room, each one carefully selected to improve its visual appeal and functionality. Our expertly curated collection features various shapes and designs to meet the specific preferences of any living space.

Round Coffee Tables: Looking to add a stylish statement without overwhelming their space? Housliving's collection of round coffee tables is an ideal way to achieve this effect without overshadowing any particular sofa design. Not only are there visually engaging tables available here that blend beautifully, but many also incorporate different materials, adding another dimension of complexity to any decor scheme. Plus, their soft curved shapes ensure child safety without sharp edges being an issue!

Square Coffee Tables: When space is at a premium in your living room, our square coffee tables may provide the answer. Though sometimes overlooked due to misconceptions of being too small, our square tables serve multiple functions while being space-saving investments for tight living areas. Features like additional storage and seating make our square tables worthwhile investments for any compact living area.

Rectangle Coffee Tables: Rectangular coffee tables have long been a favourite in Indian homes due to their timeless beauty and classic design. Perfectly matching standard-sized sofas, rectangular coffee tables add classic charm to your decor. At Housliving, we offer designer rectangular coffee tables crafted from various materials to ensure your room exudes visual intrigue and makes an excellent statement about yourself!

Oval Coffee Tables: Our oval coffee tables combine elegance and functionality perfectly, adding an eye-catching centrepiece to your living room with their distinctive shape. Their smooth curves and sleek design stand out, while the spacious tabletop provides ample surface area for coffee mugs or decor items.

Why Buy Coffee Table From Housliving

Housliving's elegant and wide collection of coffee tables available online in India will elevate any living space. Constructed from premium materials such as wood, glass, and metal, our tables boast various shapes and sizes to meet all living room designs - walnut, teak, and ocean blue hues are just a few examples! With such an extensive range of designs, you are sure to find one suitable for you in no time at all!

Housliving understands customization is at the core of their service, and our design experts specialize in making your vision come to life for a cosy yet aesthetically pleasing space. Plus, take advantage of exciting discounts and promo codes to make shopping even more delightful - rest easy knowing we offer secure payments as well as 24/7 customer support services to make shopping with us even easier.

Housliving's commitment to quality and craftsmanship ensures your coffee table will last, providing years of pleasure for years. Plus, with free delivery and exceptional customer service, your shopping experience is sure to be hassle-free. Elevate every moment with Housliving's coffee tables - where simple pleasures meet exquisite design.

FAQs on Bedside Table

What is the standard height of a coffee table?

A standard height for a coffee table ranges between 18 to 20 inches (45-50 cm).

How can I select an appropriate coffee table size for my living room?

Measure the length and width of your seating area, leaving at least 12-18 inches around the table for easy movement.

What are some popular materials used to construct coffee tables?

Wood, glass, metal, and acrylic are among the more commonly chosen options, each providing its own style and durability benefits.

What's the best way to clean and maintain a wooden coffee table?

Clean spills and dust regularly using a soft, damp cloth. Apply wood polish as necessary for added shine.

Are There Coffee Tables With Storage Options?

 Yes. At Housliving, we offer several coffee table designs featuring built-in storage drawers or compartments.

What is the Difference between a Coffee Table and an End Table?

Coffee tables tend to be larger often placed at the center of seating areas; end tables tend to be smaller in scale and often placed alongside seating arrangements.