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Elevate your living space with the perfect side table from Housliving. Trusted companions for everything from holding coffee cups to displaying beloved books, these side tables make multitasking easy while adding beauty to any room they reside. Get to know these multitaskers who keep essentials close while simultaneously improving their aesthetics! Our extensive collection offers both functionality and style to complete the look of every corner in your home - be it modern wooden side tables with drawers or slim sofa side tables - we have something sure to complement any decor.

Side tables are not just functional pieces; they're art pieces to express yourself through. Add personality to any room with photo books and tasteful vases. At the same time, our tables offer versatile solutions from bedside stands to foyer accents - many come complete with space-saving storage features for maximum efficiency!

Housliving offers side tables to add flair and functionality to your living space. Browse through our collection now, and start creating an environment that truly reflects your aesthetic!

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Consider Shape When Selecting Side Tables Online

When it comes to selecting side tables, the shape must be taken into consideration while keeping in mind how they'll fit within your space. While there are no hard and fast rules regarding this matter, making sure the table fits seamlessly within its intended room is key. Here is a brief overview of some popular shapes available:

Square Side Table: When placing furniture in corners, square side tables can be an ideal solution. Not only are they great next to sofas for drinks and snacks, but many come equipped with drawers for convenient knickknack storage.

Circular Side Table: Circular tables can be an excellent solution for those living in small spaces, as their softer look compared to square or rectangular designs takes up less floor space and less floor area. Furthermore, due to their round shape, they're an excellent choice for households with young children due to fewer sharp edges and sharp corners compared with their rectangular or square counterparts. Keep in mind, however, that due to their shape, round side tables typically lack storage drawers.

Rectangular Side Table: Rectangular designs like rectangular side tables can make a perfect corner filler, as their clean lines naturally fit snugly into these corners. Though larger in footprint, rectangular side tables make great companion pieces when placed next to a sofa or armchair - and can even come in modern variations! When picturing one in mind, the classic style may come immediately, but there are many modern versions as well!

Select Side Table By Materials At Housliving

Housliving's handpicked selection of side tables will elevate any living space with its carefully curated designs that cater to varied tastes and lifestyles. Our comprehensive range encompasses materials with different advantages that will further complement your home. Choose quality, choose Housliving.

Wooden Side Tables: Discover the timeless charm and versatility of our solid wood side tables! Easily integrate these stunning designs into a range of interiors for effortless styling. If you enjoy rearrangement of space, the weight may be an issue; therefore, coasters should be used to prevent marks or stains on them to preserve their beauty and keep them looking as beautiful as ever!

Metal Side Tables: Make an impression with our eclectic range of metal side tables, available in unique shapes and intricate cut-out designs to make a bold statement in any setting. Crafted from high-grade materials such as steel, iron and aluminium for lasting beauty - each variant requires special care to maintain its lustre and keep its unique character intact.

Glass Side Tables: For a modern aesthetic, discover our selection of glass side tables. Their minimalist design and transparent surfaces create the illusion of spaciousness - ideal for creating cosier living rooms. Plus, the ease of cleaning makes these tables practical as well as fashionable choices!

Engineered Wood Side Tables: Take advantage of engineered wood side tables' cost-effective and durable solution with furniture made from engineered wood as an investment option that meets both quality and affordability criteria.

Marble Side Tables: Experience the luxurious style of our marble-adorned side and end tables! Boasting marble tops paired with wooden or metal legs finished in various coatings, they add an exquisite finishing touch to any decor.

Advantages Of Having A Side Table

Meet our exquisite collection of side tables designed to bring functionality and aesthetics together seamlessly. These beautiful pieces can fit seamlessly into any space, providing a convenient surface for coffee mugs, books and more! Whether placed next to the sofa in the living room or strategically positioned in your bedroom for added flair - our side tables offer unparalleled versatility! Say goodbye to clutter - these side tables provide that extra bit of room you needed all along - no more unnecessary trips for essentials - everything you need can now be found within reach.

Choose our wooden side tables, true works of design. Constructed to perfection, they not only enhance the visual appeal of any space but also offer storage solutions with their drawers and shelves - turning any room into clutter-free bliss! At Housliving, we understand the importance of choice; that is why our collection provides you with many styles ensuring you find one suitable for your home - choose corner tables as the solution to all your storage woes - prioritize style over function!

Tips To Buy Perfect Side Table For Your Living Space

Finding a side table suitable for your home requires several key considerations, which will determine its functionality as well as complement your existing decor.

Storage Features: Side tables with drawers are a favourite choice among those looking for both functionality and aesthetic appeal. Their extra storage space offers the ideal place for hiding away clutter while simultaneously serving as an attractive display surface for decorative items like fruit bowls or vases - adding order to any room in which it sits.

Size Matters: Give some consideration to where your side table will reside before selecting its size and design. Aside tables should ideally sit no lower than 2-4 inches from the height of your couch for optimal results in smaller living spaces. In comparison, larger living spaces could benefit from more elaborate cabinet-style tables that add to their decor.

Shape and Style: Your choice of side table shapes will have an enormous effect on the aesthetics of a room. A round or oval-shaped table provides more surface area for items, making them suitable for those needing extra room; on the other hand, square tables may provide enough surface area for just coffee cups and magazines.

Functionality Tailored to You: Is it for storage purposes only, or will it serve as an ornamental centrepiece? Additionally, decide if one table will suffice or whether multiple ones would better suit your needs; these factors will enable you to select an ideal side table that perfectly meets all your criteria.

Material Selection: Side tables come in an assortment of materials, each offering its special charm. From classic wooden tables to sleek metal models and luxurious mother-of-pearl or marble designs - there is sure to be one perfect for you and your home decor style! Explore all available options until you find what works for your space.

Maintain Your Budget: Determine a budget that aligns with your preferences and priorities. Housliving believes in offering affordable luxury products without breaking the bank; once your budget has been established, use it to narrow down your options and find one that not only meets both style requirements but also financial considerations.

FAQs on Side Table

What is an ideal height for a side table?

Consider your room's style, size, and functional needs before making your selection - look for tables that enhance decor while meeting functional needs.

How can I select the appropriate side table for my living room?

Consider your room's style, size, and functional needs before making your selection - look for tables that enhance decor while meeting functional needs.

What materials are commonly used for side tables?

 Housliving provides side tables in wood, metal, glass, and acrylic.

What should I use to clean and maintain a wooden side table?

Regular dusting with a soft duster, as well as mild wood cleaner, can help remove stains on its surface. Apply furniture polish or wax as necessary to keep its shine intact.

Do you Want To Add Style To Your Side Table with Decor Items?

Decoration items like vases, candles, books, and photos will help to give your side table some style and add personality.